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Tervetuloa! Ahoj! Welcome!

My name is Magdaléna Tydrichová and I am a PhD candidate at LIP6, Sorbonne University, in Paris. I am working in the DECISION team, and have a chance to be supervised by Olivier SPANJAARD and Bruno ESCOFFIER.

I am working in the field called Computational Social Choice. The topic of my thesis tackles problems around structured preferences - at the first time, I mainly studied some structural relaxations of the single-peaked domain, then the nearly single-peaked domain, from algoritmical and axiomatic point of view.

When I was about a halfway through, I totally fell in love with the domain restriction known as Euclidean preferences. Basically, I am trying to understand and describe, with more or less pain, the underlying structure from mathematical point of view. The problems I am studying at the moment involve also a bit of geometry, graph theory or combinatorics.

Independently of my thesis, I am (and I have always been, as I can remember) passionated by fields like combinatorics (and especially Ramsey theory), finite geometry, graph theory (mostly geometric graph theory) or combinatorial game theory. I am also fascinated by topology or group theory, however, I am very limited by my poor mathematical background.

As you could notice, the cover photo has nothing to do with my thesis. Highly inspired by the poem Hora Říp by Jaroslav Seifert, it shows the place I come from.