Short BIOGRAPHY of Patrick Brézillon

CNRS Researcher, 1st Class

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Dr Patrick Brezillon defended his Thèse d’Etat (duration of 6 years) in 1983 on "Mathematical Modeling of Self-Oscillating Nonlinear Systems. Application in Biology to Serotonin and Calcium Metabolisms."  During a stage of two years (1987-1988) at Electricité de France, the French National Company of Power Systems, he was responsible of the design and development of SEPT, an expert system to aid operator to diagnose equipment in Extra High Voltage substation (400 000 volts). From 1992 to 1996, he was responsible of the MUSTIL team (MUSTIL is the French acronym of User-System-Task Models and Software Integration). The team was composed of 10 faculty persons (professors, associated professors, lecturers, researchers) and 15 Ph.D. Students. The objective of the team was to lead theoretical studies on real-world problems. His research axis was the merging of the expert-system approach and the decision-support approach in the framework of cooperative systems. Since 1997, he belongs to the SYSDEF team (based mainly on the MUSTIL team, but enlarged) after the merging of the Lab. in a bigger Lab., LIP6, which stands for Laboratoire d'Informatique de Paris 6, with two other Laboratories. With its 400 members, the LIP6 is the biggest Lab. of Computer Science in Paris.

The research of Dr P. Brezillon focuses since 1992 on the study of Intelligent Assistant Systems, and particularly the aspects as explanation, context and incremental knowledge acquisition. Since several years, the emphasis of his studies is on the notion of context. Dr P. Brezillon is the instigator of the series of international and interdisciplinary conferences on modeling and using context, the next conference being CONTEXT-03, Stanford University, USA, June 2003.

He published papers in international conference and international journals (e.g., IEEE Expert, AI Magazine, The Knowledge Engineering Review and the International Journal on Human-Computer Studies). He have been the chair of several workshops (at ECAI-92, IJCAI-93 and IJCAI-95), co-organizer of two international conferences in AI area, member of several program committees, gave several invited talks and tutorials, and published more than 250 papers. Information is available at .

Dr P. Brezillon is the Coordinator of the SART project (a real-world application dealing explictly with context)  from 1995 to 2002. The SART project met around 50 persons in France (Paris) and Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) for developing an intelligent assistant systems to support the responsible of subway lines in incident situation. Information on this project is available at . The French Foreign Ministry retained SART as a leader project in the France-Brazil cooperation.