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QTM simulator

What is it

This is classical simulation of a QTM, running with exponential overhead. It's only for pedagogic purposes. The machine has one one-sided infinite tape and one read/write-head. Here's a sample output.

How is it made

It's written in C++, and uses the library LEDA. We define the types Ampl, Letter, State, Direction, Tape, Config and Superposition.

How can I use it

At the moment it realizes the Fourier transformation described in [BV] on a parity function described in `oracle'. If you want to change it to simulate another machine you may modify:
LetterStr and StateStr
to define you State-set and your alphabet,
to call oracles,
to describe the finite control
Config initial; (in main)
to define the initial configuration.

How can I get it

You can get the source file and its Makefile.

Enjoy it, and please send me a mail for suggestions. Thank you.

Last update 1995.