Ecole du GT Contrainte, RO et IA

Association For Constraint Programming school
Lundi, 25 Mars, 2024 to Vendredi, 29 Mars, 2024

The working group Constraints, OR and AI have the pleasure to organize the Association For Constraint Programming school in Aussois (french Alps) from March 25th to March 29th 2024.

Registrations and informations are available on the website of the school:

Registerations are open until the 1st of March.

The registration fees is as follow and include accommodation and transfert from Lyon to Aussois:

Academic - Shared room    350 €
Academic - Single Room    475 €
Student - Shared room    250 €
Student - Single Room    375 €
Industrial - Single room     575 €
CNRS Staff - Shared room
0 €
Please, note that the schedule of the shuttle from Lyon to Aussois are not definitive and can change.
We advise to plan a delay between the estimated time of departure/arrival of the bus and your arrival/departure time.

Hoping to see you in Aussois.


The topic of the school is constraint programming, a paradigm which provides useful tools to
model and solve constrained optimization problems. Constraint programming is at the border of
computer science, operational research, artificial intelligence, and mathematics, as well as a wide
range of application fields. The school will focus on applications of Constraints Programming.  
The school will provide an introduction to Constraint Programming and have a strong focus on applying Constraint
Programming techniques. More specifically, on top of having technical lectures, the school will
devote about 50% of the time to practical labs, where the participants learn to use Constraint
Programming tools on practical problems.


Confirmed speakers
* Emmanuel Hebrard, LAAS-CNRS
* Hadrien Cambazard, Grenoble INP
* Pierre Schaus, UCLouvain
* Charles Prud'Homme, IMT Atlantique
* Christine Solnon, INSA Lyon
* Helmut Simonis, Insight Center
* Luc Libralesso, ALMA Scop