E-LearningScape is a serious escape game with physical and virtual materials. In this game, the participants (in teams of 4 players) play the role of sandman immersed in a dream. Their challenge will be to help dreamer structure his/her thinking while s/he sleeps by solving puzzles using pedagogical concepts. This game is a numerical fork of the LearningScape game designed by SAPIENS (USPC) and CRI.

E-LearningScape is an open source project available at: https://github.com/Mocahteam/E-LearningScape


SPY is a serious game to introduce players to the basics of computer programming. The player must program a robot to explore a secret base and escape without being detected.

Play SPY at the following web page: https://spy.lip6.fr/

SPY is an open source project available at https://github.com/Mocahteam/SPY


FYFY (FamilY For unitY) is an Entity Component System framework (ECS) specially made for Unity. This project is an extension of Bruno Capdevilla doctoral works who design Genome framework in As3.

FYFY is an open source project available at: https://github.com/Mocahteam/FYFY. It is available in the Unity Asset Store: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/ai/fyfy-157154.

Examples of student projects made with FYFY:


Prog&Play is a Serious Game dedicated to strengthening programming skills. Prog&Play is based on an open source real-time strategy (RTS) game called Kernel Panic. we designed an applicative programming interface that enables students to interact with the game through programming. The goal of this game consists in to program game's units in order they carry out objectives defined in the game.

All Prog&Play ressources are available at: http://progandplay.lip6.fr/index_en.php.

Laalys V2

Laalys (Learner Activity AnaLYser) is a software using Petri nets to analyze player's traces in order to generate pedagogical labels about the learner's behavior. The first version of Laalys was designed during doctoral works of Pradeepa Thomas, but this first version was limited to "case study" games. The new version we work on aims to propose a scalable and generalizable framework giving more accurate pedagogical information about the learner’s behavior.

Laalys is an open source project available at: https://github.com/Mocahteam/Laalys

For fun

Some personal projects, just for fun :)


This game puts the player in the skin of a French politician in 2025 during a new pandemic. The player has to set parameters and play with them over time to manage crisis. Will he close frontiers? Will he pay the cost of the crisis with lives or debt? How will he react to discontentement? Will he listen his/her advisors? The objective? Support the contry to reach collective immunity (60% of the population with antibodies) and avoid disorders... It's your turn: Convid-25.

Convid-25 is an open source project available at: https://github.com/Muratet/Covid25


A cool algorithm that turns a photo into a brick wall: https://www.panbricks.com/.

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