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LIP6, Database Team
Office: 25-26 507
4 place Jussieu 
75005 Paris, France
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Maître de conférences au Laboratoire d'Informatique de l'Université Paris 6

(Assistant Professor at University Paris 6)

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Organizer of the DAMAP 2009 workshop, joint to EDBT09.
I am currently involved in the following projects:
2012-2013 LIP6 Project INDEQ : Indices for quantum information access.
2010-2012 LIP6 Project SyncBD : Distributed Synchronization Algorithms for Large Scale Database Systems.
2008-2010 RoSeS : Really Open and Simple Web Syndication. Design of web resource syndication services and tools for localizing, querying, generating, composing and personalizing RSS feeds.
2008-2010 Wisdom Federation of 3 DB teams working on Data exchange and publication on the Web

Previous projects :
2006-2008 Respire: Peer-to-peer resources and services, querying and replication
2005-2006 LIP6 Project 1 : Genome data publishing in a P2P collaborative network. Goal: to provide advanced replication functionalities on top of the Pastis P2P file system.
2005-2007 LIP6 Project 2 : Agent based negotiation for resource allocation in a P2P structured network.
2005-2007 ACI Project SemWeb: Working group on query optimization. Optimization of mediation queries in presence of replicated data sources.
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