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Olivier Spanjaard

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Curriculum vitae


My research activity falls within the fields of operations research and artificial intelligence. Most of my work concerns the study of algorithmic problems arising from decision theory, game theory and social choice theory. The contributions in these domains until recently indeed focused on characterization results, the computational aspect (i.e., the actual computability of the concepts introduced) being often left in the background. It is this second aspect that makes the originality of my contribution. More precisely, my research activity is divided today between multi-objective combinatorial optimization, multicriteria decision making, sequential decision making under uncertainty, robust combinatorial optimization, computational social choice and algorithmic game theory.


Mohamed Ouaguenouni (since october 2021): Criteria and methods for extending an order relation on elements to sets, and applications in elicitation and optimization.
Magdaléna Tydrichova (PhD defended in march 2023): Algorithms for structured preferences in collective decision: recognition and optimization.
Nadjet Bourdache (PhD defended in december 2020): Interactive algorithms for multi-objective decision making with partially specified preferences.
Hugo Gilbert (PhD defended in december 2017): Oracle-based algorithms for sequential decision problems, robust optimization and fair optimization.
Charles Delort (PhD defended in october 2011): Multicriteria combinatorial optimization.
Gildas Jeantet (PhD defended in september 2010): Optimizing non-EU criteria in sequential decision problems.


Patrice Perny, Lucie Galand, Hugo Gilbert, Paul Weng, Bruno Escoffier, Gildas Jeantet, Jérôme Monnot, Paolo Viappiani, Charles Delort, Denis Cornaz, Fanny Pascual, Laurent Gourves, Louis-Xavier Storme, Nawal Benabbou, Kim Thang Nguyen, Hélène Fargier, Soufiane Drissi Oudghiri, Francis Sourd, Anisse Ismaili, Joyce El Haddad, Pierre Fouilhoux, Nadjet Bourdache, Magdaléna Tydrichova, Mohamed Ouaguenouni, Meltem Ozturk, Tom Portoleau.


ANR Projet THEMIS (2021-25): THeory and Evidence to Measure Influence in Social structures (coordinator: Stefano Moretti).
ANR Project COCORICO (2014-19): Computation, Communication, Rationality and Incentives in Collective and Cooperative Decision Making (coordinator: Jérôme Lang).
ANR Project GUEPARD (2010-13): GUaranteed Efficiency for PAReto optimal solutions Determination in multiobjective combinatorial optimization problems (coordinator: Patrice Perny).
ANR Project COMSOC (2010-12): COMputational SOcial Choice (coordinator: Denis Bouyssou).
ANR Project COCA (2009-13): Combinatorial Optimization with Competing Agents (coordinator: Laurent Gourvès).
ANR Project PHAC (2005-09): Preference HAndling on Combinatorial Domains (coordinator: Jérôme Lang).


September 2004-Present: Associate professor of computer science, LIP6, Sorbonne Université.

September 2008-September 2009: Co-responsible (together with Stef Graillat, LIP6) for third-year students in "Mathematics and Computer Science" at UPMC.

1999-2002: Graduate lecturer of computer science, LAMSADE, University Paris-Dauphine. Doctoral dissertation under the supervision of Patrice Perny (LIP6-UPMC).


December, 9th 2011: Accreditation to supervise research (habilitation à diriger des recherches) in computer science, University Pierre and Marie Curie.

December, 16th 2003: Ph.D. in computer science, University Paris-Dauphine (Mention Très Honorable). Laureate of the Euro Doctoral Dissertation Award (details).

1998-99: Corresponding Master of Science: DEA MSG (Scientific Methods of Management), University Paris-Dauphine.

1997-98: Corresponding Master's degree: Maîtrise MASS (Applied Mathematics and Social Sciences), University Paris-Dauphine.


French: native.
English: fluent.

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